Tools to make your PLE project a success

PLE providers have often worked in isolation and there has been patchy and uneven development with few resources to help. The resources in this section aim to begin to fill this gap.

PLE Principles and guidance identifies the five key principles for the delivery of PLE and provides guidance, practical examples and suggestions under each heading to help you put the principles into practice.

The Public Legal Education Evaluation Framework provides the resources needed to evaluate public legal education projects, setting out the evaluation goals, measures and research methods needed to assess the impact of PLE. It also provides a conceptual framework that sets out what we seek to achieve with PLE.

How to do Equality PLE aims to help you design, deliver and evaluate equality public legal education (PLE) projects, even if you have not done any public legal education work before.

The Better Information Handbook is a resource for those involved in public legal information. The first section discusses the issues involved in the creation and successful delivery of better information to the public and is intended to be of most use to managers and management committees, senior and policy staff, and those designing service delivery. The second section, ‘How to produce better information’ is intended to help with the practicalities of creating and updating information and is aimed primarily at those involved in producing, writing and editing information on law-related issues.

There are also 10 golden rules for Better Information. This is an introductory version to the ideas contained in the Better Information Handbook and is aimed at helping you to ensure that your information is engaging, easy to use, empowering, as helpful as it can be, and efficiently produced.


Published: 10 September 2018

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