‘You’ve got the Right’: Children’s Rights Alliance for England

In April 2010, the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) launched their 2010 ‘You’ve got the Right’ initiative, aimed at empowering children and young people under 18 across England to take action to uphold their rights. Children and young people are actively engaged in a variety of roles, from project management to helping to deliver training sessions.

The training is tailored to meet the needs children and young people who are more likely to face barriers to exercising their rights – for example, children with disabilities, those in conflict with the law, refugee and asylum seeking children, children living in poor areas and under-10s. Subjects include childrens’ rights, human rights, taking action and getting legal advice. The sessions are hosted by local organisations working with, or offering space to, children and young people (like youth groups, children’s homes and schools) and delivered by CRAE staff.
You’ve got the Right started in 2008 with the launch of the first ever national telephone and email advice service for children and young people in England on human rights and equality law. Under the 2010 You’ve got the Right programme, CRAE are inviting local lawyers to participate in their training sessions by talking to children and young people about when they may need advice or representation from a lawyer, and how to go about getting it.

CRAE Flyer (127 KB) and more about: You’ve got the Right

Building a network of lawyers

CRAE are developing a national network of lawyers who are committed to upholding the rights of children and young people in a variety of contexts. Relevant specialisms include children law, public law and human rights, immigration law, education law and criminal law. Lawyers who join the network have the opportunity to participate in a children’s rights training session in their local area.

CRAE network flyer: Lawyers for childrens rights network (111 KB)

You’ve got the Right is funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE)

CRAE protects the human rights of children by lobbying government and others who hold power, by bringing or supporting test cases and by using regional and international human rights mechanisms.

They provide free legal information and advice, raise awareness of children’s human rights, and undertake research about children’s access to their rights. CRAE mobilise others, including children and young people, to take action to promote and protect children’s human rights.

CRAE is a member of Participation Works and the Strategic litigation for the rights of children network (SLRC)

CRAE has also been funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families to develop and disseminate a comprehensive set of training and tools to increase children’s and young people’s effective participation in decision-making. Materials include a training handbook on how to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of children and young people (aged 17 and under).

More about: Ready Steady Change

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the UN adopting the Convention on the Rights of the Child in November 2009, CRAE brought together a variety of resources for schools and other settings.

Specific materials for children are listed such as a young peoples’ activity book on the UN Convention (3.7 MB), Children and young people’s version of the UNCRC and a  children’s human rights booklet (2.2 MB).

List of publications for children, adults and schools: CRAE UNCRC publications

Published: 23 July 2010

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