Schools Project: Citizenship and Tackling Crime

The National Centre for Citizenship and the Law in Nottingham provides educational programmes using innovative and engaging resources to help develop young people’s understanding of citizenship and the law. The Centre, based at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham has set up an Actively Reducing Crime (ARC) programme.

The project is funded by the Home Office and includes a specially designed resource pack for primary and secondary schools to help raise young people’s awareness of crime and encourages them to help reduce crime in their community.

More about Actively Reducing Crime: Why Guns and Knives? and the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL)

Using a number of interactive activities, such as a court room simulation, the pupils are encouraged to undertake a crime audit of their school and local community, with the help of local Police or Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s). The pupils then develop a crime reduction strategy appropriate to their community, in an attempt to reduce anti-social behaviour and make their communities safer.

The children use the knowledge gained during these sessions, which included conducting a crime audit of their area to identify a campaign around an issue they would like to change in their community. Once they have drafted a suitable campaign idea they submit their proposal to NCCL to attain a £1,000 grant to make their campaign proposal a reality.

In previous years young people have developed very creative campaigns; including peace balloon launches, community art murals, bike shed safety schemes and drama workshops all with a positive message and anti crime approach. The children are at the heart of the campaigns; planning, design, delivery and evaluation.

ARC has put together a pack of resources for schools. The workbook was expanded to include gun and knife crime and the Why Guns and Knives? project was launched in two London Schools in 2009. NCCL Director, Katy Archer said,

‘ARC is designed to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife or a gun, to reduce children and young people’s fear of violent crime and to give them the tools to avoid becoming a victim or perpetrator of crime in the future through building confidence, providing positive role models and signposting them to support services.’

Quote from an article written by Ms Archer in September 2008 about the Project coming to London: Actively reducing gun and knife crime e-crime-nccls-shcools-report-30 (65 KB)

More about Actively Reducing Crime: Why Guns and Knives? and the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law


The Egalitarian Trust comprises of the Galleries of Justice Museum and the National Centre for Citizenship & the Law (NCCL). It is an independent museum that seeks to preserve the site of the Shire Hall and its collections, including HM Prison service collection and allow access to visitors and clients who wish to learn about the law and its historic legacy.

NCCL also deliver education work in London at the Royal Courts of Justice and UK Supreme Court Galleries and at the Galleries of Justice Museum (Sessions House) in Northampton.

All their activities are linked to the KS1, KS2, KS3 National Curriculum, GCSE and A Level syllabi for History, PSHE, Law, Citizenship, English, Religious Studies, Politics, Sociology and many more.

Published: 21 March 2011

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