Living Together Campaign

The LivingTogether Campaign challenges the myths surrounding common-law marriage and provides co-habiting couples with the information they need to safeguard their interests.

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The campaign covers England and Wales and is run by Advice Services Alliance’s Advicenow project. It has run extensive media coverage to alert people to the issues around living together and to direct them to more detailed information on the LivingTogether website. Effective PR has gained coverage on national and local press, TV and radio, including radio phone-ins, and in magazines and other publications. The campaign was also able to influence the plot on Emmerdale to include a storyline of an unmarried couple who were splitting up.

The website provides practical information on the issues that co-habiting couples need to consider, including wills, parenting, property benefits and tax. All the information on the site is also available as free downloadable PDFs in a magazine style, using stories, quizzes, illustrations, Q&As and jargon busters to attract attention and get the message across effectively.

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Published: 21 November 2008

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