Expert Patients Programme

The Expert Patients Programme (EPP) is an NHS self-management programme delivered by lay people for anyone living with any long term health condition(s). The aim is to support people to increase their confidence and improve their quality of life.

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EPP CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise and was established as a Community Interest Company in April 2007. The programme provides self-management courses for people living with any long-term health conditions(s), through the NHS and other organisations interested in running self-management courses. Groups of 8-16 participants, with a mix of different conditions, meet over six weekly sessions and are led through a structured course by trained tutors who are also living with a long-term condition. Each session looks at ways to manage the effects of their long-term condition such as dealing with pain and extreme tiredness, coping with feelings of depression, communicating with family, friends and health professionals and planning for the future.

There is a strong emphasis on participants setting practical, achievable goals which are monitored each week. Core skills such as problem solving, decision making, being resourceful and behavioural changes are also developed throughout the six weeks. This encourages patients with chronic diseases to feel more confident and in control of their lives, ensures that new patients are realistic about the impact of their disease on themselves and their family, helps existing patients share their skills to ensure that others lead a full life, and potentially, makes a positive impact on their disease and quality of life.

Research showed a number of changes in participant’s behaviour. These included a 30% increase in the number of people feeling better prepared for consultations with health care professionals; a 30% reduction in those reporting low energy levels; and a 10% increase in the number of people taking medicine as prescribed.

The Expert Patients Programme began in 1999 through the voluntary sector – Arthritis Care who piloted an arthritis-specific course. The programme was then launched as a pilot in 2002 and following its success was mainstreamed in 2004 when it was rolled out across the wider NHS. It became a Community Interest Company in April 2007.

The roots of EPP are in the self-management programmes developed by California’s Patient’s Education at Stanford University. The programmes aim to improve the physical and emotional health of participants, while reducing health care costs.

NHS Expert Patients Programmeleaflet (184 KB)

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Published: 24 July 2009

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