Raising awareness

Many PLE projects aim to raise people’s awareness of the law and their rights, and how the law can help resolve disputes. Raising awareness is an important first step, and most projects will also provide a guide to action – usually signposting clients to more detailed information or to sources of further help and advice.

Awareness-raising campaigns may also be focused on a particular change in the law, such as the government’s public awareness campaign on tax self-assessment, or they may be aimed at dealing with common misconceptions. Increased awareness means that: people are better equipped to avoid problems and disputes; and they can take early action to stop a problem escalating into a larger and more serious issue.

Schools Project: Citizenship and Tackling Crime

The National Centre for Citizenship and the Law in Nottingham provides educational programmes using innovative and engaging resources to help develop young people’s understanding of citizenship and the law. The Actively Reducing Crime (ARC) programme includes a specially designed resource pack for primary and secondary schools to help raise young people’s awareness of crime and encourages them to help reduce crime in their community.

21 March 2011

Equalities and discrimination awareness-raising project

The ‘Progress towards equality: Reaching out to communities’ project is a partnership between ASA Advicenow, AdviceUK, Citizens Advice and Law Centres Federation. The project will produce an ‘Equalities PLE’ toolkit, tools for evaluating Equalities PLE projects, and a report on good practice.

21 October 2010

U R Boss

U R Boss is a youth justice project run by the Howard League for Penal Reform. Working with team, young people wrote, produced and directed three animated short films on issues that affect them in the justice system.

Skillnet – Equality and Human Rights project Skillnet workshop

With funds from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Skillnet has set up a new project to help people with a learning difficulty understand their own and other people’s human rights. The project offers training and training materials, workshops, visits, talks and accessible information about equality, human rights and the law.

21 August 2010

Ask the adviser – Clifford Chance in East London

Leading international law firm, Clifford Chance writes a weekly advice column on legal issues raised by local people visiting LawWorks clinics. The initiative reflects their commitment to improving access to justice as part of their corporate social responsibility activities.

21 April 2010

Parliamentary Outreach

Parliamentary Outreach is part of the UK Parliament website and aims to spread awareness of the work, processes and relevance of the institution of Parliament. Activities include exhibitions, training and drop in sessions, and the production of podcasts on parliamentary services for the public.

21 February 2010

Giving Young Consumers Confidence – DVD ‘Buy Rights – Have Your Say’

The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland has published a DVD, ‘Buy Rights – Have Your Say’ with support materials to enable young people to become more confident consumers, aware of their rights and able to express themselves in an assured and effective manner. They have a produced a Shoppers’ Rights Card as part of a Smart Shoppers Kit.

21 September 2009

Islington Summer University

A growing number of summer universities for young people are taking place across London. Islington Summer University has two courses – ‘Know you legal rights!’ and ‘Introduction to Law’ run by a local Law Centre. Knowledge about the law and legal systems extends beyond the young people attending the courses and is a valuable way of raising awareness and legal capability in deprived communities.

21 July 2009

Govan Law Centre Education Law Unit

The Education Unit based at Govan Law Centre aims to raise awareness of legal rights and make legal knowledge and skills accessible to advisors and individuals alike. Legal education is part of their strategy to assist the people of Glasgow, combining legal casework with community education and support. In 2009 they focused has on promoting and protecting the rights of children with special educational needs.

21 June 2009

‘Too much Punch for Judy’ – Documentary drama

‘Too much Punch for Judy’ is an award-winning drink drive documentary drama from APE Theatre Company. The company performs preventative, hard-hitting documentary plays on issues of interest to young people. The dramas are followed by interactive workshops.

23 April 2009

Self assessment tax returns campaign

Campaign launched by HM Revenue and Customs to encourage a diverse group of individuals to file self assessment tax returns. A wide variety of different media was used – television, radio commercials, national press and outdoor media such as posters.

23 January 2009

Housing Possession Prevention Project

This project was designed to reduce the number of evictions for rent arrears by a social landlord. It combined day-to-day advice work with the more proactive approach of public legal education and policy work with the local authority. This proved to be very effective, and offers a model for an integrated approach to the work of advice services which could be used elsewhere. The project was a joint initiative by Southwark Law Centre and Blackfriars Advice Centre in South London.

Voices from the Streets – DVD and Learning pack

‘Voices from the Streets’ is produced by the Consortium for Street Children and aims to bring the issues facing street children into the classroom in order to support learning in citizenship.

21 January 2009

Living Together Campaign

The LivingTogether Campaign run by Advicenow challenges the myths surrounding common-law marriage and provides co-habiting couples with the information they need to safeguard their interests.

21 November 2008

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