Volunteer for our sanctions guide email panel

Law for Life’s Advicenow service is producing new guides to help people avoid and deal with benefit sanctions. To help make sure the guides are as good as they can be we are looking for volunteers to review a draft of the guides, and give us their feedback. If you are interested in taking part, and you:

  • claim benefits or have been sanctioned
  • work with people who claim benefits and have been or might be sanctioned; or
  • are an expert in benefits

please get in touch: theresa.harris@lawforlife.org.uk

How it works

If you’re willing to be part of the panel we will contact you with a draft of the guides and give you an idea of when it would be helpful to have your comments back by. We understand of course that you are likely to be very busy so if we contact you and you are unable to help at that stage, please don’t worry, we understand! The whole process takes place online.

Our approach to producing guides

We have carried out research into the effectiveness of information resources to help people manage legal problems. We believe that resources should include information on the issue itself; a guide to the actions to take; acknowledge the stress and emotions involved and explain the skills needed to manage the problem effectively. We follow these ‘better information’ principles when writing legal information: https://lawforlife.org.uk/tools-and-materials/ple-materials/write-good-legal-information/

You can view examples of our other guides here: https://www.advicenow.org.uk/advicenow-guides

Published: 21 August 2018

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