Law for Life welcomes new Trustees

Law for Life is delighted to welcome two new Trustees to join the Law for Life Board during an exciting time for public legal education and in a challenging climate for access to justice. Mr Jon Spain will be our new Treasurer and Mr Joe Broadway joins us as a Trustee.

Law for Life Chair, Amanda Finlay CBE says:

‘Now more than ever, people need the knowledge, skills and confidence that public legal education provides. I am delighted that we have attracted trustees with  financial and business experience, as well as a commitment to PLE. Jon and Joe bring us new skills and expertise and  I look forward to working with them to ensure that PLE reaches more people and supports them as they tackle life’s challenges. ‘

Jon Spain is a professional Actuary and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, with experience in the private and public sectors, spanning 40 years. He is on the Board of his local synagogue and Treasurer of Community Voice Health, a patient/member-led community organisation monitoring NHS Trusts and CCGs. Mr Spain is about to retire from the Civil Service.

Joe Broadway is Director of Legal Affairs and Company Secretary at CFH Docmail Ltd. He created and ran Velopost, a fossil fuel free postal delivery service, as a separate business unit within CFH Docmail, for three years. He received the 2015 Business Insider Magazines 42 Under 42 award which “recognises some of the South West’s most dynamic and inspirational young entrepreneurs and celebrates their success in helping grow the regional economy”. He has recently become a volunteer advocate at the Free Representation Unit, is a Trustee of the CFH Total Document Management Retirement Benefit Scheme, and was a fundraiser and volunteer at READ International.

About Public Legal Education:

Each year around one million non-criminal legal problems, such as money difficulties, loss of job or housing issues, go unresolved.

Only 11% of people accurately recognise their problems as legal issues.

The vast majority of people tackle their legal problems alone – only 6% use a lawyer and 4% use advice agencies.

A quarter (25%) of those with a legal problem seek help on the internet.

Using survey data from the Legal Services Research Centre, economists at the Ministry of Justice estimated that the problems people experienced over the three and a half years covered by the survey cost individuals and the public purse around £13 billion.

Effective public legal education would help people avoid these problems in the first place, enable them to identify legal issues and take action early before problems escalate.

Our work

In 2016-17 Law for Life’s award winning  Advicenow website provided information and support to 1,064,460 visitors to the site.  Advicenow’s  curated information service brings together 1,600 pieces of public legal information from over 250 UK websites. Every piece is reviewed against our inclusion criteria.  We expanded our own specialist content, with a focus on people going to court without a lawyer and disability appeals.

We developed our first interactive tool, helping disabled service users to challenge a Personal Independence Payment decision. Since it launched in May 2016 the tool has had over 62,000 users and 7,000 individual personalised letters have been downloaded.

  • We worked with 65 different community organisations in England and Wales to deliver training, education and information to vulnerable people reaching 3071 beneficiaries directly.  Our ‘in person’ education and training provision supported Local Authorities, Community Groups and Trust Funders including Trussell Trust, Newham Adult and Social Care Services, and Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre. Our e-learning courses were completed by 451 learners.
  • Our international work continues with Icelandic Human Rights Centre and French NGO Avijed to support migrant’s rights organisations. Via our international teaching and consultancy services we reached over 60 justice organisations from 27 countries

Published: 27 February 2018

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