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PIP Appeal

Our Advicenow service has recently published a new guide to dealing successfully with a Personal Independence Payment appeal – How to win a PIP appeal.

The guide takes you and your clients step by step through the process and offers guidance and practical advice on everything from how to decide whether to challenge the DWP’s decision, to how to prepare for the hearing and what to do on the day.

To accompany the guide we have also created an interactive tool which enables you and your clients to check what rate of PIP they should be getting and download a personalised letter to send to the DWP requesting a mandatory reconsideration. We’ve had some great feedback:

Thank you so much for making this stressful process so easy and accessible! I am so impressed, I was prepared for a few days of research and planning in order to start an appeal but your website and tools are so useful and efficient that after a couple of hours, I am ready to go post my letter. Thank you!!! – Advicenow user

Have a look at our PIP Mandatory Request tool here. And please share with your networks and let us know what you think too.

Published: 20 June 2016

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