Online forum: Campaigning for housing rights during Covid-19, 25th November 6 – 7.30 PM

This Forum will discuss key aspects of organizing and campaigning for housing rights – from private sector tenants to those living in temporary accommodation – and tools and strategies that help build collective power. It will also inquire into what’s needed for community or grassroots groups to increase their collective power during the context of the current pandemic.

Who is it for? The Forum aims to bring together campaigners, community groups and advocates interested in exploring about how to best organise and campaign to defend housing rights. The workshop will facilitate sharing of experiences and learnings of groups with ongoing struggles for decent housing. In particular, it will highlight experiences of groups with powerful experiences in campaigning for housing, including London Renters Union and FOCUS E15, while allowing for questions and further contributions from other participants.


Attendance is free and we will prioritise people from community and grassroots groups, particularly those who have attended our past courses or trainings on housing law.

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Published: 18 November 2020

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