New patron

Picture of Lord BriggsLaw for Life is delighted to welcome its new patron, Lord Briggs of Westbourne, a Justice of the Supreme Court. We are delighted to have a patron who has shown so much understanding of the needs of litigants in person and the importance of public legal education. We were thrilled that he was able to attend our launch event for Affordable Advice.

Lord Briggs focussed on the needs of litigants in person in the Chancery Modernisation Review which he conducted in 2013. He highlighted the importance of public legal education in his Civil Courts Structure review in 2015 and 2016 . In that report he said that the level of success of the new online court in extending access to justice would  depend critically upon parallel progress being made with public legal education generally, and recognised the need for affordable legal advice on the merits of any case.

Lord Briggs was appointed as a Lord Justice of Appeal in 2013 and as a Justice of the Supreme Court in 2017. He was Deputy Head of Civil Justice from January 2016 until his appointment to the Supreme Court.


Published: 9 March 2020

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