Housing rights for refugees: online public legal education course

*FULLY BOOKED!* We had an unprecedented level of interest in this course and received over 100 applications in under a week. This truly demonstrates how necessary and important it is for refugees to know their rights right now*

As part of the Fighting Precarious Housing programme, funded by Trust for London, we are running an online public legal education course on Housing Rights for Refugees.

The course will consist of six weekly videos and webinars on different aspects of housing law, with a particular focus on the pathway towards secure housing for someone who has recently received a refugee status. The videos are in a Q&A format with a housing legal specialist. They are accompanied by weekly Zoom webinars. The webinars will focus on practice exercises and skills and confidence building. You will also be able to ask our brilliant lawyers, who are working with us on this course, any specific questions.

The course is for grassroots and community groups who support refugees in securing housing and refugees themselves. The course provides basic legal knowledge and is suitable for people with no prior training on housing law.

The course is designed to mirror the steps that someone who recently received a refugee status might take.


The course will run for six weeks every Saturday morning 10-12am on Zoom:

The course is now fully booked.

For more information please contact: rowan.milligan@lawforlife.org.uk

Published: 3 September 2020

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