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If you missed any of our published Newsletters you can read them here – just click on the links below.

2020 newsletters

Winter 2020 newsletter

Welcome to the 2020 Winter edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

2019 newsletters

Summer 2019 newsletter

Welcome to the 2019 Summer edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

Spring 2019 newsletter

Welcome to the 2019 Spring edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

2018 newsletters

Autumn 2018 newsletter

Welcome to the 2018 Autumn edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

Summer 2018 newsletter

Welcome to the Summer 2018 edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

Spring 2018 newsletter

Welcome to the Spring 2018 edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

2017 newsletters

Winter 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the Winter 2017 edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

Autumn 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the Autumn 2017 edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

Summer 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the Summer 2017 edition of the Law for Life newsletter.

April 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the April 2017 edition of the Law for Life newsletter in which we welcome our new Trustees: Dr Vanessa Davies, Professor Dawn Oliver and Raymond Sheehy.

2016 newsletters

December 2016 newsletter

Welcome to the November 2016 edition of the Law for Life newsletter.
As part of our work assessing the information and resource needs of private renters we have published two new guides and delivered a brand new training course focusing on Section 21 eviction notices. We are also sharing some of the lessons we have learned through our collaboration with Allen & Overy and our international presence in Hungary and Macedonia.

July 2016 newsletter

It’s been a busy time at Law for Life. We are delighted to introduce our new interactive Personal Independence Payment tool which helps claimants challenge a decision at the mandatory reconsideration stage. We have also published two new guides, one on how to win a PIP appeal and the other on how to use a grievance procedure to deal with discrimination and other problems at work.

March 2016 newsletter

Welcome to Law for Life’s first newsletter of 2016.

In this issue we include items about a new guide on how to apply for parental responsibility, our recent research report analysing the findings of the 2010 and 2012 UK Civil and Social Justice Panel Survey and a blog post on Law for Life’s unique pedagogical approach to public legal education.

2015 newsletters

November 2015 newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the Law for Life newsletter. In this issue we present new research assessing the resource needs of tenants in the private rented sector. We are also sharing some of the lessons we have learned through our work in producing e-learning, and our two year early intervention pilot to support Advice Champions.

October 2015 newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of the Law for Life newsletter. We are delighted to show off our new-look Advicenow service, with dedicated Going to Court pages for people attending court without a lawyer. We have new e-learning resources for Benefit Sanctions, a guide for young workers and our Universal Credit training…

June 2015 newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of the Law for Life newsletter. In this issue we are very excited to bring you some great news: from the launch of the new Advicenow website, to insights into what the youngest members of our society make of law, and an opportunity to join the Law for Life team. But we don’t want to spoil the surprise so, enjoy the read!

2014 newsletters

December 2014 newsletter

The December edition introduces our newly-appointed Chief Executive, Myles Kunzli, reports on the first of our PLE networking events and highlights a Ministry of Justice report on the real-life experience of people representing themselves in family law cases.

October 2014 newsletter

The October issue promoted the first in our series of informal after-work seminars; reviewed our report into the information needs of self-represented litigants; and profiled our work of developing e-learning modules.

July 2014 newsletter

The July newsletter reported on the publication of two new guides for self-represent litigants from our Advicenow team, described the legal capability training we’ve been doing in east London, and included an advertisement for a new Chief Executive.

March 2014 newsletter

The March edition advertised our Business Development post, reported on our move to new offices, and the publication of the Low Commission report.

2013 newsletters

November 2013 Newsletter

The November newsletter covered young people’s use of the internet, the Attorney General’s pro bono committee report on PLE, and the Canadian edition of the Better Information Handbook.

August 2013 Newsletter
This edition reported on recent research into how well people know their rights, on the conclusion of our EU project on law-related education and adult learning, and gave the news that the Advicenow legal information website is now part of Law for Life.

February 2013 Newsletter
We highlight the recent evaluation of our legal capability for everyday life project, a fascinating report on the development of subjective legal empowerment, and introduces seven new associates who will be helping Law for Life offer practical support to agencies wishing to develop and deliver public legal education.

2012 newsletters

November 2012 Newsletter
We cover Law for Life’s recent work producing learning resources and delivering courses and training, an Advicenow report on how court forms and guidance could be significantly improved, and details of Namati’s international work on legal empowerment.

June 2012 Newsletter
We bring news of two exciting new Law for Life projects: our new Legal capability project and a recent meeting of European partners from the Grundtvig learning project. We have also published our evaluation of the pro bono advice and legal services project.

March 2012 Newsletter
Our newsletter this month covers the concept of ‘ready for everything’ recently introduced in an influential paper from the Early Action Task Force. We have a review of a study into community legal information and a chance to view a video of PLE in Vietnam. Our 60 second interview is with Professor Kim Economides.

February 2012 Newsletter
In this edition we highlight the increasing threat to the provision of public legal information and guidance. We give an example of best practice in our report on three excellent guides about going to court written and produced by Advicenow. We also introduce readers to staff at Law for Life.

2011 newsletters

December 2011 Newsletter
This edition marks the publication of a new evaluation framework and practical guidance for evaluating a PLE Project. Funded by the Ministry of Justice it was produced by the University of Bristol. We are also delighted to have a fascinating 60 second interview with our inaugural chairman, Michael Smyth CBE including his top tip on the future of PLE.

November 2011 Newsletter
Our newsletter comes to you from Law for Life which was formed during the summer and incorporates Plenet. We are delighted to report on new funding to support a European partnership to develop PLE, a seminar on legal capability hosted by Consumer Focus Scotland and news from Éducaloi about making PLE videos. Our 60 second interview is with their website manager, Sarah Dougherty.

February 2011 Newsletter
Our plans for a centre for public legal education are outlined in our new strategic plan and we have opened our appeal for the launch. There are examples of good PLE practice from overseas, a video link to ‘Flat Broke’, project news, new tools and much more. Our interview this month is with Tony Thorpe, author of many citizenship resources.

2010 newsletters

November 2010 Newsletter
We report on our exciting initiative working with Theatre ADAD to produce ‘Flat Broke’, new tools to help you do PLE work, several DVDs and animations illustrating PLE initiatives with a 60 second interview with our new equalities PLE co-ordinator, Clare Shirtcliff. International coverage this month focuses on fascinating PLE initiatives in China.

September 2010 Newsletter
This month we highlight new research suggesting that PLE should be given a higher priority. Skillnet and CRAE’s ‘You’ve got the right’ projects are showcased and our 60 second interview is with Paul Nguyen who has made a DVD for young people on police powers in Toronto.

June 2010 Newsletter
Commissioned by Plenet, two major pieces of work are featured: a guide to PLE principles and guidance, and research on knowledge, capability and experience of rights problems. 60 second interview is with Myles Kunzi. A leading law firm’s advice column, an update on the EU equalities project and news of PLE projects in Europe are highlighted.

April 2010 Newsletter
In this edition we report on our conference in February which was a great success. The latest 60 second interview is with Lord Bach who was our keynote speaker. We are keen to hear your view on legal capability and we have opened a new discussion. Also highlighted is a new ground breaking project by Shelter Scotland on how PLE helps cross the digital divide.

January 2010 Newsletter
Our New Year edition focuses on Plenet’s conference and we remind everyone to get bookings in soon! PLE in Canada features in our 60 second interview and by mock trials held in Ontario. We also highlight community empowerment projects including environment projects and new EU funding for an equalities and discrimination awareness raising project.

2009 newsletters

December 2009 Newsletter
Highlighted in this edition is our conference on 10th February, a new paper from Plenet on legal capability and two brilliant overseas projects – Legal Literacy Camps in India and Health Law Partnerships in the USA. Don’t miss our 60 second interview with Atul Sharda from the Ministry of Justice.

November 2009 Newsletter
This month we highlight new research on the potential for PLE in adult learning. There is news about young peoples’ legal capability and more about PLE in Scotland.

September 2009 Newsletter
This month we highlight Roma Awareness Day, ‘Better Information’ training and Plenet’s poster on ‘Seven Steps to Solving Problems’ used to promote Advice Week starting on 12th October.

July 2009 Newsletter
In this issue we focus on young people’s legal capability, interactive drama provided by Theatre ADAD, Summer Universities, an information deficit as well as our regular 60 second interview.

June 2009 Newsletter
This issue looks at how PLE is funded in Canada and Australia, reports on projects run by Govan Law Centre, and links to reports of the first Plenet conference…

January 2009 Newsletter
In this issue we throw the spotlight onto the subject of evaluation, and include a combination of excellent PLE resources and associated evaluations.

2008 newsletters

September 2008 Newsletter
Welcome to the first edition of the Plenet newsletter. This issue looks at young people and PLE. Headings include; Young Peoples’ experience of law-related events – the role of public legal education; Child Rights and Peer Representation and more.

Published: 21 January 2020

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