A charity dedicated to ensuring that people have the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to secure access to justice.

What is PLE?

Public Legal Education (PLE) covers a wide range of activities aimed at empowering participants, and increasing their confidence and capability to deal with their law-related problems.

Resources for PLE trainers

See our tools to help you make your PLE project a success and our free teaching resources for you to use with your clients. We have designed them to be easy to use, even if you have never done any PLE work before.

Research and evaluation

We see research and theory as two of the essentials of better PLE. Here you can find a selection of our own commissioned research and studies by colleagues.

Commission us

We can help any organisation keen to develop or improve its public legal education and information work. Whether you need help designing and delivering a training course, producing high quality information, or building the capacity to produce brilliant PLE projects within your own staff team.

Our training services

Equipping community leaders, volunteers and intermediaries to help people deal with law-related problems. We provide a grounding in basic legal concepts, and the knowledge and skills to support your clients to take the right practical steps.

PLE projects

Projects showcase

Public legal education projects come in all shapes and sizes. They could be a campaign, an information pack, a training course, classroom teaching, a theatre production, a TV programme, a mentoring scheme, a website, or many other activities.


Evaluation is important for PLE projects. We need to know what works and we need to support our case that PLE is effective in equipping people to navigate the hazards of modern life.

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